Kimono experience

Kimono Rental Warakuan provides Kimono Rental and Dressing. At Warakuan you can rent your favorite kimono from a selection of over 300 different designs and staff help you put them on.
Admission is free to enter public sightseeing facilities such as Kitsuki Castle, etc. for those people wearing a kimono. There are also several benefits available at various restaurants, shops.
Anyway wear kimono as you walk around Kitsuki, a town where kimono looks good.
Please enjoy and take lots of photos of yourself wearing kimono.

Booking a Kimono rental at Warakuan.

Recommendations for walking around the city in Kimono. Have lunch, a date, and go shopping in kimono.
Enjoy wearing kimono with your friends, your husband or wife, your sweetheart, your family, or anyone...

For Booking of Kimono experience, Please fill in the booking request form by [booking request] and send it to us or contact us by E-mail.

1. Regular Plan

This plan is for a person to rent and dress Kimono.
There are more than 350 different patterns of Kimono, so you can choose your favorite one.
Let's take a walk in the castle town with your favorite kimono.

  • [Rental Fee] JPY 3,000 / 1 person.
  • [Rental contents] Kimono, Kimono obi(belt), Juban(undershirt), Tabi socks, Japanese sandals, and dressing.

Regular Plan

Booking request

2. Couple Plan

This plan is for a couple to rent and dress Kimono.
With a couple plan, you can enjoy a "Kimono Experience" More reasonable price than a regular plan.
Note: Couples plans are not available for family members other than spouses.

  • [Rental Fee] JPY 5,500 / 1 Couple. (2 person)
  • [Rental contents] Kimono, Kimono obi(belt), Juban(undershirt), Tabi socks, Japanese sandals, and dressing.

Couple Plan

Booking request


by Bus(from Oita Airport) :
Take a Bus for JR Oita Station. about 15 minutes from Please get off at "杵築バスターミナル(Kitsuki bus terminal)" on foot.

by Bus(from JR Kitsuki Station) :
Take a bus for "杵築バスターミナル(Kitsuki bus terminal)", via "新道(Shinmichi)", please get off at "杵築市役所(Kitsuki city hall)". There is a rental kimono shop "Warakuan" near the bus stop.

Other buses, please get off at the "杵築バスターミナル(Kitsuki bus terminal)".
Visit to Tourist Information Office. There is a tourist information office on the side facing the Kitsuki bus terminal. The Staff can inform you the address of Warakuan.
*10mins from the Tourist Information Office on foot.

by Taxi(from JR Kitsuki Station) :
Cost: approximately JPY 1,500 and 10mins from there.

Shop information.

Shop Name: Warakuan Rental Kimono
TEL: +81-978-63-1210
Time: 10:00 - 16:00
Reception open until 14:00 .Reservations take priority.
Reservations: (Japanese/English/Chinese)

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  • [Rental contents]
    • Kimono,
    • Kimono obi,
    • Juban(undershirt),
    • Tabi socks,
    • Japanese sandals,
    • dressing.

  • [Rental fee]
    • 1. Regular Plan: JPY 3,000 / 1 person.
    • 2. Couple Plan : JPY 5,500 / 1 couple (2 people)

  • [Accessory Rental]
    • Japanese style bag, Hair ornament, Japanese umbrella, etc.
    • JPY 100 / 1 item.


  • You will receive confirmation of your booking's availability within 1 business day(s).
  • In the event that you do not receive an email from us, Please check your Spam folder or notify us via email.
  • contact:

  • Kimono selection: about 5 - 15 min
  • Obi selection: about 2 - 3 min
  • Dressing: 15 - 20 min for women / 10 min for men
  • * For 30 people, dressing time is about 60 min.

  • Be sure to prepare underwear.
  • There is no hair setting service.
  • Please contact us if you want to change the time.