By Plane - To Oita Airport

Tokyo Haneda Airport 1hr.30min
Tokyo Narita Airport 1hr.45min
Nagoya Chubu Airport 1hr.15min
Osaka Itami Airport 1hr Official website of Oita Airport (English)

■ From Oita Airport to Kitsuki Bus Terminal(Entrance to Kitsuki City)
About 25 minutes by car. Link:Rental Car Official website of Oita Airport (English)
About 30 minutes by taxi.
About 30 minutes by bus.
About 20 minutes to Kitsuki IC by Airport bus.

* Please tell the bus driver if you get off at Kitsuki IC. * For the details of the timetable and the bus stop, Please ask at the counter or following operating company.
Oita Airport Bus Information Office (Tel to:0978-67-1198)

By Train - To JR Kitsuki Station

The nearest station to Kitsuki Bus Terminal(Entrance to Kitsuki City) is JR kitsuki Station.

JR Hakata Sta. Limited Express "Sonic" 2hr.
JR Kokura Sta. Limited Express "Sonic" 1hr.
JR Oita Sta. Limited Express "Sonic" 25 min. (Local 40 min.) JR Kyusyu Railway Campany (English)

■ From JR Kitsuki Station to Kitsuki Bus Terminal
From JR Kitsuki Station to Kitsuki Bus Terminal is about 10 minutes away by car so we recommend you to move by bus or taxi.

About 10 minutes by bus service.
*For the details of the timetable and the bus stop, please contact the following operating company.
Kunisaki kanko Bus(Tel to:0978-62-5411)

About 10 minutes by taxi.
*For inquiries concerning taxi please contact the following company.
Sanko Taxi(Tel to:0978-62-2800)
Kitsuki Kunisaki Godou Taxi(Tel to:0978-62-2220)

By Car - To Kitsuki IC

Fukuoka highway/Via Tosu JCT 2hr.
Kitakyusyu Higashi-Kyushu Expwy 1hr.30min
Saga highway/Via Tosu JCT 2hr.
Nagasaki highway/Via Tosu JCT 3hr. (NEXCO West Nippon)


Hotel Inasato Kitsuki-shi Kitahama 693-4 Western-style hotel
Yamaga Onsen Kazenosato Kitsuki-shi Yamaga-machi Kuranari 3003 Japanese-style hotel
Sumiyoshihama Resort Park Kitsuki-shi Morie 1165-2 Western-style hotel
Hyugaya Kitsuki-shi Morie 4776-4 Ryokan
Yokodake Nature Park - Yokodakesou Kitsuki-shi Ota Hatakata 4448-1 Cottages
Minshuku Azami Kitsuki-shi Minami-kitsuki 2393-2 Ryokan

Contact us

Kitsuki Tourism Organization

Phone 0978-63-0100
Brochures/Leaflets Available in English/Chinese/Korean/Thai/French/German

Business Hour 08:30 to 17:30, Excluding New Year's holidays.
* Your call will be recorded for quality improvement purposes.
* All times on this website are indicated in Japan Standard Time.

Free Wi-fi

Kitsuki-kankou FREE Wi-Fi

■Location (All eight locations)
Warakuan Kimono rental
Ameya-no-saka Slope
Suya-nosaka sita Hiroba
Kita-dai Samurai Residences
The Nomi Residence
Kanjyoba-no-saka Slope
Kitsuki Castle Gate
Kitsuki Local Products Center
JR Kitsuki Station

Onsen Oita FREE Wi-Fi

Kitsuki Local Products Center
"Otsen Oita Wi-Fi" is a public wireless LAN service that anyone can use free of charge, mainly for improving the convenience of foreign travelers and enhancing the sending power of tourism and traffic information in the prefecture.
You can connect to the Internet using mobile phones, tablets, personal computers, etc. that you use.
We have shared the logos with "Ssid" called "Onsen_Oita_Wi-Fi", and introduced a mechanism that is easier to understand and more user-friendly.
* Available time is maximum 3 hours (15 minutes × 12 times) per day.
* The usage fee for this service is free, but when using pay service on the Internet, it will be borne by the user.
* When using this service, please take security measures on equipment such as encryption.

Voice guide system

Welcome to the castle town of kitsuki !

The spirit of Japan is alive here.
Travel around the town using the audio guide.
You can access the audio guide from your mobile phone.

Licensed Guide

If you have a guide, you can enjoy the castle town sightseeing 10 times better than sightseeing without guide.
Kitsuki city licensed Local guide will introduce you about the history and culture of Kitsuki castle town.

Supported language: English
Price: JPY 5,000 (up to 2 hours)
Application method: As a rule, advance reservation until 7 days in advance is required.
Please apply from this form.
Link: Kitsuki city licensed local guide Booking page. Official website of Kitsuki Tourism Organization