The Japanese tea ceremony

The hospitality of japan (Experience the tea ceremony)
Try traditional Japanese culture in an famous tea-leaves shop.
You can enjoy delicious tea at historic tea-leaves shop. You can also learn how to make tea, so it’s a good opportunity to know Japanese culture.
Japanese tea is also said to be good for your health.

Location: Ochadokoro-Tomaya
TEL: +81-978-62-2139
Price: \800~
Time required: Approx 20 min for two people.
Reservations: (Japanese/English/Chinese) "Must be reserved"

Making a postcard with pressed flowers

Make a postcard with pressed flowers as beautiful as natural flowers.
Choose any colorful flowers and make an only-one postcard in the world.
How about it? The completed postcards is ideal for gifts.
You can also make hair ornaments.

Location: Shimomura Hanakobo-Aya (Shimomura Watch Shop)
TEL: +81-978-62-3016
Price: \500-
Time required: Approx 30 min
Reservations: (Japanese/English/Chinese) "must be reserved"

The Kitsuki Shuraku-kan

The Kitsuki Shuraku-kan is a theater where you can enjoy popular stage-entertaiment. The building, a remodeled old sake warehouse, has an old-time charm, and the actors wearing gorgeous kimono portray people from the Edo period. You can take photos together with the actors. There is also a restaurant and a souvenir shop inside the theater.

Location: Kitsuki Shuraku-kan
TEL: +81-978-66-1112
Contact us: (Japanese/English)

■ Theater performance time
Afternoon program: 13:00 ~ During the performance period
Night program : 18:30 ~ Saturday ・ Sunday ・ Holidays only
*Morning program is from 10:00 ~ Only for Group reservations in advance.
Please contact us for details.

■ Theater fee (single person rate, open seating)
grown up: JPY 1,700- (same-day ticket) / JPY 1,500- (Advance ticket)
Elementary school students : JPY 600-
Junior-high school students: JPY 800-
Senior(Over 70 years old) : JPY 1,500-
Disabilities(Certificate required): JPY 1,500-
Group discount(10 people or more) : JPY 1,600-